Background music service for brands and places

More than 15 years experience in tailored music service at the point of sale


We are a professional and efficient solution to manage background music for businesses. We offer a 360º service that includes a music consultancy. We have a team dedicated to providing, implementing and maintaining background music service. 

Some brands who trust us


Tailored music service for chain stores, customer service and shops

We design the musical identity for your brand

We know that humans are better than any algorithm for creating quality playlist


We manage and give a solution to different musical needs of your business.
More than a tailored music service.

Stability & reliability

Music contents are played and updated through a small player that can be easily installed. The business doesn’t need to worry about anything, even it is not necessary that employees manipulate the device. Using our in-house platform, we select the best music channels for each brand and we create tailored music programming.

player sonatsounds

Professional team

Our musicologists team supports you continuously to adapt the musical content to your needs. Moreover, we have an ongoing 12/7 technical support available to solve any technical issue related to background music service.

Covid19 special services

Physical spaces need to communicate and motivate more than ever. Get the best musical content service and communicate any audio message to your establishment. Ensure customers and clients to be well-informed, stay optimistic and confident.

Altavoz sonatsounds

We offer a customized music selection

Each track is carefully picked up to generate a unique music experience for brands and spaces