In the fashion and retail sector, if music management is adequate, it is consistent with the brand and reflects its personality, customers can stay longer in the establishment. This will affect the buying behavior and will help workers feel more motivated and offer a better customer service. 

Tempo also sets the standards of consumers. For example, when the songs are faster, they make customers move quickly through the establishment. However, when the music has a slow tempo, it encourages them to walk more slowly and stop to analyze the products carefully.

We study each case (geographic location, target, spaces, area, season, values and particular needs). We ensure the rhythm and the tempo is appropriate to the different moments. We also offer delivery audio ads in the background music.

Some studies confirm that well-defined music concept brands are 96% more recognized by customers than those that do not use music to identify with.

For this business, the background music offers a brand identity and creates an emotional link with consumers.